Weaverville Tailgate Market - Wednesdays 2:30 - 6:30 PM
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Meet the Vendors

A little bit about who we are, what we do, and why we appear every Wednesday afternoon, rain or shine.

Mountain Country Cookies and BreadsChicory Hill FarmAppleberry Cove FarmDillingham Family FarmNatural Handcrafted Soaps and La Gringa TamaleraFork Mountain FarmHap Mountain HerbalHigh Country NurseryHighgate FarmThe High FiberLong Valley FarmMackey Farms •  Sunset Valley Farm Notorious Coffee Roasting CompanyIvy Creek Family FarmScribbles, the Clown R Mountain FarmShecology

Mountain Country Cookies and Breads
Cookies, breads and other baked goodies made with real butter, farm fresh eggs, local honey, and lots of love. Party platters and individual orders.

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Chickory Hill Farm

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Appleberry Cove Farm

Appleberry Cove Farm is owned and operated by the Mickey Family.  We are located at the northern end of Madison County near Big Bald Mountain and the Wolf Laurel/Wolf Ridge Resort areas at an elevation of over 4000 ft.  We harvest most of our fruits, berries, wild edibles, herbs, flowers, and planted vegetables from the woods, hills, and vales that make up our 18 acre mountain farm.  The fresh colorful eggs are produced by a variety of heavy breed chickens that roam around the farm and pastures with our small milking herd of La Mancha and Nubian dairy goats.  Our dairy herd is USDA certified and accredited as a disease free herd.  We are also a NCDA registered pet food distributor of 100% pure goat milk which is available in one quart and one gallon sized containers.  In addition, we offer a fabulous assortment of handmade confections: crunchy candies, brittles, lollipops, and a lovely variety of rich delicious chocolate fudges and truffles that are made with natural ingredients such as goat milk, cheese, berries and nuts from many local sources.  New products from the goat that are under development for 2012 are cheeses from a local dairy that we season and craft in our own special way to make them unique and delicious and our very own handmade natural goat milk & honey and oatmeal based soaps for many different skin types –these soaps are slightly scented at most and are made with “good for your skin” ingredients.   Please come visit us at the market or on our website at www.appleberrycove.faithweb.com .  If your family would like to visit us at the farm then please e-mail Sue at abcfarmandschool@juno.com or call (828) 689-4812.

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Dillingham Family Farm

Dillingham Family Farm

Photo credit: ASAP

Dillingham Family Farm is an 8th-generation farm in Barnardsville, NC. Our family of six works the land to provide fresh produce, specializing in heirloom tomatoes and seedless table grapes. We have recently expanded to raise pastured lamb, grass-fed beef, broiler hens, fresh eggs, and heritage turkeys for Thanksgiving, as well as grass- and grain-fed pork, and rabbit fryers. We also manage a family vineyard in Weaverville where we grow three acres of wine grapes for the Biltmore Estate Winery.828-626-2624 or dillinghamx6@tds.net

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Natural Handcrafted Soaps and La Gringa Tamalera

handmade soaps

Maria's handmade soaps

Natural Handcrafted Soaps and Spa Products is a family owned and operated small business. A division of Weaverville Enterprises in North Buncombe County, NC. Our mission statement is to provide to the local community with Soaps and Spa Products made with the most possible natural ingredients that are safe to use on our bodies. Our rich veggie soaps (100% free animal cruelty) are made from scratch and individually crafted with care with natural ingredients. Essential Oils, Fragance Blends and well known natural based moisturizing oils are used in our Soaps and Spa Products. Combined with herbs and natural colorants from different parts of plants, our Natural Products are the best alternative to those who appreciate and enjoy the freshness of nature on a safe way. We always change formulas to improve the quality of our work. Looking for the best choices according to the season.

Beside using local sustainable ingredients we import sacred herbs from the Spiritual Lands of Latin America to make “special soaps”, home made incense and “holy incense” used it for centuries in remote temples of Latin America and the Caribbean region.

Our Aromatherapy and Spa products are made with selected finest ingredients to ensure their quality. We combine the luxury and the natural to pamper the skin and senses.

Please visit us at The Weaverville Tailgate Market Wednesday 2:00p to 6:30p and Mars Hill Tailgate Market 9:00p to 1:00p

Contact us at 828-645-9965 or naturalhandcraftedsoaps@yahoo.com or www.naturalhandcraftedsoaps.net or follow us on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/naturalhandcraftedsoaps

picture of empanadas


For La Gringa Tamalera is Naturally Gluten Free Vegetarian with no Lard Latino food to go. Tamales, Empanadas, Arepas, Churros and more later on.



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Fork Mountain Farm

tim and margaret at the market

Fork Mountain Farm

A Certified Organic farm located in the Big Pine Valley community of Madison County, Fork Mountain Farm has been growing for markets since 2006. We enjoy growing Italian and French heirloom varieties of many market favorites, like beans, tomatoes, squash, and peppers. We also offer less-common veggies, such as bulb fennel, Romano and Fava beans, and Japanese turnips. The early season brings assorted salad and culinary greens, and assorted berries brighten the summer months.tcharles@hughes.net

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Hap Mountain Herbal

picture of Tricia with cone flowers

Hap Mountain Herbal’s handcrafted herbal remedies are made with plants we harvest wild or grow organically at our remote mountain home up above Spring Creek, in Madison County. At our market table you’ll find herbal lip balms, first-aid sticks, concentrated poison ivy soap, tinctures, and more. What we sell varies from season to season and is limited so it can be sustainable and healthy for the plants we grow and harvest, for our garden and forest, for ourselves as a small family business, and for you, our customer. Please see www.HapMountainHerbal.com for details and photos of the plants we use. Have questions? We want to hear from you! Please email us at mtnherbal@gmail.com, or come talk with Tricia at her farm market table.

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High Country Nursery High CountryLocated in Fairview, NC, High Country Nursery specializes in fine and unusual landscape plants since 1998. We offer uncommon specimen trees, including many distinctive conifer cultivars and over two dozen varieties of Japanese maples. Our focus is on container-grown trees, and all plants offered are suitable for our local climate. Our lovely selection of bonsai includes dwarf pomegranates and desert rose. Contact us at 828-779-1981 or
wnchighcountry@gmail.com or www.japmaple.com

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Highgate Farm HighgateHighgate Farm is a small farm located in the Walnut Mountains of Madison County, operating since 2008. We are Certified Naturally Grown, following the principles of natural and organic production to improve our soil and raise our crops and livestock. We focus our efforts on extended-season mixed produce, including a large selection of greens, root crops, onions, garlic and fresh culinary herbs. We also raise specialty products: gourmet dried tomatoes, berries, eggs, and mushrooms.Back to Top

The High Fiber

Picture of Daphne

High Fiber

The High Fiber is owned and operated by Daphne Cohan, a resident of Weaverville.  She shares her home with three energetic children and her food-crafting husband, Ed.  She crafts products inspired by balancing convenience and the commitment to live a simpler, more responsible, and less wasteful life.  You will regularly find reusable snack bags and produce bags, hand printed cloth napkins, kitchen towels, table linens, and market totes.  In addition to sewing, knitting, and printing, she enjoys gardening and growing food for her family, and you will likely see that love displayed in many of her items.

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Long Valley Farm Zeke and Courtney Filiss grow a variety of heirloom vegetables, fruits and cut flowers without the use of petrochemical fertilizers or pesticides. The farm is located in Madison County about 3 miles from the NC/TN line. Both Zeke and Courtney have been gardening since childhood, and have been selling at local tailgate markets for the last six years. Long Valley offers the typical market variety of spring and summer favorites, and bountiful bouquets, with the unique addition of fresh watercress.  Enjoy their products through CSA, tailgate markets, local specialty stores and area restaurants.longvalleyfarm@frontier.comBack to Top

Mackey Farms

The family of Mackey Farm

Mackey Farm

A family farm in Madison County, proudly producing several varieties of hydroponic lettuce, available year-round. We also grow cabbages and other greens, sweet corn, sorghum cane, and mushrooms. Farm-fresh eggs and free range poultry and pork are also available. New this year, we will have rabbits by mid-summer. Stop by and see us at the market and try our home-cooked pork barbecue, you’ll be glad you did! Contact us at lettuceman2@yahoo.com or 828-712-6225

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Sunset Valley Farm

Sunset Valley

Photo credit: ASAP

We are a small five generation farm specializing in gourmet canned goods made with local organic fruits and vegetables from old family recipes and a few new twists of our own. We produce over thirty kinds of jams, marmalades and butters including a line of “Jams with a Kick” featuring a variety of hot jams sure to tickle your taste buds. Our line of herb blends, rubs and vinegars will spice up any dish and our variety of salsas are a treat for the tongue. We welcome farm visits but by appointment only please. 828-680-9890

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Notorious Coffee Roasting Company

banner for notorious coffee

Notorious Coffee Roasting Company, LLC, is located in Marshall, NC, just outside of Asheville. Owner Jeff Lowe began roasting and selling custom-roasted coffee in 2004.We are dedicated to the craft of artisan coffee roasting. We roast to order, which means you choose the coffee origin and intensity of roast: Light, City, French, or Espresso. If you prefer, we can also custom blend a coffee that suits your own unique tastes. Contact us at 828-575-4150 or www.notoriouscoffee.com

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Ivy Creek Family Farm

True Leaf Farm

Photo credit: ASAP

Located along the North Fork of the Ivy River in Barnardsville, Ivy Creek Family Farm boasts an abundant variety of vegetables, fruits and flowers, all grown without use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Paul and his wife Anna share a lifelong love of gardening, and bring together diverse skills from their educational and professional backgrounds to realize their dream of building a farm and providing their friends and neighbors with fresh, wholesome food. Farming sustainably and protecting the land gives their work great meaning: from starting our seeds to maintaining our fields, they see and experience the positive impact our farm has for them and their community. www.ivycreekfamilyfarm.com

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Scribbles, the clown

picture of Scribbles the clown


Scribbles is at the market on the First Wednesday of the month. You can contact Scribbles aka Donna Hollinshead at: www.iamlivingyoga.com or 561 866-2280.

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R Mountain Farmfeather

R Mountain Farm is a small family farm in Mars Hill. We have angora goats, alpaca, sheep, chickens, guineas & now ducks. This will be our first summer as a vendor at the Madison County Market. We have handspun yarns and some handcrafted items from our fiber animals. Our birds provide us with beautiful feathers that we use to create wreaths, hair clips, earrings and more. At the market, we will offer feather home accessories and jewelry, art, cards, dog & cat treats. Follow us on Facebook at R Mountain Farm.Back to Top

Rachel’s Delectables

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Shecologypicture of laundry pills

Shecology is a new and growing 100% natural cleaning products business located in Weaverville, NC. Only vending on the local farmer’s market scene since Fall 2012, owner Mari Fox is quickly becoming a local cleaning legend as customers become addicted to Mother’s Little Helper Laundry Pills, Softening and Sanitizing Goat’s Milk Soaps, and for the DIY types — Golden Soap Nut Laundry and Household Cleaner.

Every product made by Shecology includes 100% natural soap nut powder – a naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic surfactant (cleaner) making it a perfect replacement for toxic chemical laden cleaners that destroy the environment and are harmful to your health. In addition, Shecology products are lightweight, never liquid, and packaged in the most responsible way — eliminating plastic bottles and containers that sit for hundreds of years in landfills. Stop by to learn more about switching up your cleaning routine to products that are safe for people, pets, and the planet.




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